Bosch develops and manufactures spark plugs in close cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers. In doing so, Bosch is able to call on its more than 115 years’ experience in the industry, and its unique cross-system expertise in automotive technology.

Bosch spark plugs are impressive thanks to their outstanding quality and reliability. They not only fulfill the specific requirements of car manufacturers, but are also the perfect choice as spare parts for workshops and their customers.

Camden Auto Services is a registered distributer for Bosch automotive products. For more information or assistance please get in touch with us.

Bosch FR7KPP33U+

Bosch FR8DC+

Bosch VR7SPP33

Bosch WR8DC+

Bosch FR8DCX+

Bosch FR8ME

Bosch HR7DC+

For more information on Bosch, please visit their website here