The Spanish leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of wash solutions for the automotive sector.


Car wash efficiency is more than a concept. It is the result of bringing together quality, technology and performance into a single design. Here it is. M’START, the rollover developed by ISTOBAL. Client expectations fulfilled.


Configuration of programs
The flexible programming of the M’START facilitates adaptation to individual user needs. Different wash programs can be configured, speeds can be parametrised, chemical products can be dosed, light sign codes can be set, etc.


PLC with standardised modules and a flexible configuration for optional extras. The use of the Profibus communication protocol enhances communication and reduces machine wiring and connections.

Command post
Allows all of the machine’s external elements to be connected. Two viewer options: standard and colour touch screen.


High pressures
A number of high pressure pre-wash options with a common goal: removing stubborn dirt from the vehicle body.


Brush tilt
Accurate wash control thanks to 10º tilt of side brushes.

Available in different heights
Solid and compact structure available in four different wash heights.